sharme - about

Sharme is a remote/sharing desktop tool that lets you to connect to a remote system or share your desktop.

The name comes from a combination of "share me" and the portuguese word "charme" meaning charm. I guess "charme" is also a valid word in german and french with the same meaning.

It was born because I regularly need to support remote users. So I start it in june 2011 and one month later I was already using it, internaly, at the company I work for.

Since I developed it to do a single job and it is doing well, at least for me, I decide to open source it in the hope of getting some help. You do not need to be a developer to help, using it and give some feedback is a valuable help also.

The other reason is because I am a true beliver in the open source culture and using open source to develop it, it make sense to open source it too.

I releasing it under GPLv2 license.

Why did not use VNC, TeamViewer or others? Well, it's the usual, it's more fun to develop and use my own.

if you see any inconsistences, any wrong phrase or words in this site, please drop me a note in the mailing. The same is valid for enhancements.